Why Fire Alarm Testing Is Important For Your Business

Fire Alarms and Legislation If you are an employer of 5 or more employees, you are legally obliged to have a written Risk Assessment and plan in place for your business. If your building has a fire alarm system it needs to be checked by either the Employer (and/or the building management/occupants) on a regular […]

How Often Should You Check Your Electrical Installations?

This is a question we’re often asked at T&M Electrical Services, Electrical Testing Kent It depends entirely on whether you have a residential property, commercial or public building and also on mortgage lenders and insurance companies. Residential and Domestic As a general rule residential properties should be checked at change of occupancy and a maximum […]

What Are The Fixed Wire Testing Rules and Regulations?

Fixed wire testing is an important part of maintenance and highlights potential problems that you may have with your electrical installation. So What are the Fixed Wire Testing Rules? You may not be aware of problems, which is why it’s essential to have a periodic test of your fixed wiring, not just around your business […]